Air Conditioning Brands Pembroke Pines

Serving The Most Popular Models In Pembroke Pines

air conditioning brands pembroke pines

Air Conditioning Brands Pembroke Pines

The Pembroke Pines FL Air Conditioner Repair team services all the major brands of heating and cooling equipment. You are not locked into dealing with the dealer that installed your HVAC equipment, so shop around and save. Do you own a Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Amana, Coleman, Comfortmaker, York or other brand of Pembroke Pines air conditioning, Pembroke Pines heat pump and Pembroke Pines furnace? Our factory trained and NATE certified technicians will keep it operating at peak levels of efficiency, extending the equipment’s life and lowering your utility bills.

Heat Pumps

We install and repair heat pumps by all the manufacturers. This type of HVAC equipment offers and all in one solution to your cooling and heating needs. The mild winter on south Florida make this the top selling solution for comfort year round. The efficiency with which it heats makes it an outstanding value. And if you ever need Pembroke Pines heat pump repair, we should be your first call. Talk to one of our staff today to see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for. Also ask about the models that qualify for the federal income tax credit of up to $1,500. That makes this an exceptional value in Pembroke Pines air conditioning and heating. Avoid Pembroke Pines emergency air conditioning repair calls by having a new unit installed to replace your aging dinosaur.

Is Two-Stage Cooling for You?

Simply put, two-stage cooling means the Pembroke Pines air conditioning or heat pump’s compressor operates at two levels. The high speed is for the extreme demands put on it on hot summer days. Then there is a low level for milder days. One of the benefits of the low setting is that it will meet the cooling demands about 80% of the time. By running at lower setting for longer period of time it will produce more even temperatures through the cooled living space. Ft Lauderdale Air Duct Cleaning
Slower operating speeds of the compressor translate to quieter operation and better humidity control. When compared to standard Pembroke Pines air conditioning units and heat pumps that run at a single faster speed, the two-speed equipment can remove twice as much moisture from the air and do it more economically.
Two-Stage Heating Functions on the Same Principle, Same Results:

Lower Utility Bills With The Right Air Conditioning Brands Pembroke Pines AC Repair Suggests

Pembroke Pines residents also are benefiting from the two-stage furnace. This has a high speed for cold winter days and low for the milder Broward County winter days. It runs for longer periods at a slower speed, providing better heat distribution throughout your home. No hot spots or cold spots ever again. Call today to experience a level of comfort you never dreamed of, and Pembroke Pines air conditioning repair your have only thought about in fevered dreams.